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As you will know from last weeks ‘Yum Run’ I have been foraging whilst running in the mornings. Well this week I have been lusting after the rose hips that are dotted along the stream. I see them every morning and watch them ripening before my eyes. Yesterday after school Idgy and I went rose hipping (just a couple of hippies I guess!) and brought back a big basketful.


Now what could I do with this bounty of goodness?  Rosehip and apple jelly of course! The only drawback on this is chopping up the rose hips themselves. I now have a lovely blister as proof of my efforts, ho, hum, the jelly tastes great tho’.


1 kilo apples
450gm rose hips
about 1.3 kilo preserving sugar/granulated sugar

Chop the apples into quarters and put in a big pot with enough water just to cover them, now add approx 300ml of water. Bring to the boil and simmer until the apples soften.


While this is happening you can chop those rose hips.  In hindsight I would put an elastoplast on my finger before chopping to avoid the nasty blister I now have!


Toss the rose hips into the pot with the softened apples and simmer for another ten minutes or so.
Remove from heat and let cool for a few minutes before pouring into a jelly bag (cheesecloth/muslin bag) and hanging over a non-metallic bowl to drip overnight.


Now before you are all thinking what a paragon of virtue I am with all this preserving and gosh what a star. I am not, I am a twit who gets it wrong. Not only did I remove half the skin on my hand with blisters, I completely  messed up on the jelly bag.
Last year I made a great little jelly bag out of muslin. Unfortunately on a clear out earlier this year I chucked it out. In panic last night I knocked up a new bag, and because I didn’t have any muslin I used a thin tea towel. Don’t do this, tea towel was just not thin enough, read on……..

Now in the morning you should have a nice bowl of jummy juice that has dripped joyfully from your jelly bag. I didn’t, I had a mere puddle, well okay, I had 300ml of the stuff.

You have to measure your juice and pour it back into the pot. now add the sugar at a ratio of 400g of sugar to every 600ml of juice.

Now in my case because the damn jelly bag was too thick and didn’t let thew juice drip through properly I only had 300ml of juice and therefore only had to add 200g of sugar. All in all this made me a pathetic single jar of jelly!

Anyway back to the recipe bit; Stir the sugar until it disolves completely and boil fast to setting point (105 C/220F), about ten minutes.

Now pour into prepared warmed jars and seal. Or in my case have 6 jars lined up and only have to use one of them!


And here we have it, gorgeous, yummy rosehip and apple jelly. Okay so I only have one jar of the stuff so must treat it like gold-dust, it is still just perfect.

I am eyeing up the rowan berries now………………..

Karon x

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  1. Patti Smith says

    You have been busy! Forgive me for asking, but what do rose hips taste like? It looks like it made a lovely jam. The route that you run has some nice scenery. Wish we had that around where I live. Take care and take care of those blisters!
    Patti xx

  2. Louise says

    I use an old (clean!) pillow case…tie up the neck with string, but having the ‘bag’ part as short as possible so there is room to push a plastic bowl clear under , so it doesnt end up hanging in the juice! bravo! Hoorah for Autumn…just the best season…..! Enjoy x

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