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Sugar Mice

Prep Time30 mins
Total Time30 mins
Course: sweets
Servings: 7
Author: Karon Grieve


  • half an egg white
  • 250 g icing confectioners sugar- 2 cups if you are in USA
  • 2 cm/1" of red liquorice lace/strawberry laces
  • red and white string for tail
  • Cochineal/pink/red food colouring


  • Separate the egg and whisk up the egg white (I just used half for my 7 mice, but if you want to make a whole herd/flock/posse of rodents use all the egg white and double up the sugar to 500g/4 cups) until it is all nice and frothy.
  • Sieve the sugar into the same bowl.
  • Using a metal spoon start stirring.
  • And stirring.
  • And stirring.
  • Take your rings off and get your hands in there to make a dough. I divided my dough in half so that I could colour half of my meeceeees.
  • Add just a drop of the food colouring to your icing. Now if you were a sensible sort of person you would very probably have divided up the mix at the dry stage, before you started to make the dough. Maybe this is easier, I don't know. I just decided to have pink mice at last minute and adding the colouring at this stage worked for me. You can really work the colour through or go for an almost marble like effect.
  • Divide up the dough into however many mice you want (size is up to you) and make a sort of short fat sausage shape out of each section. Roll at the front to get a pointy nose and pinch either side to get the ear shape.
  • Now resist all temptation to make rude shapes from the pink icing paste. Remember you are an adult and that sort of thing is totally unnecessary and very childish. OK, wipe that smirk off your face and scrunch up that offending shape and make it back into a mouse - I saw you!
  • Using the strawberry liquorice lace (which you have had to buy twice as daughter pinched the first packet and the three laces you insisted she leave you were mysteriously stolen by the weasel) or you can use standard black if you can't get red, or use silver dargee cake decorating balls etc for eyes. Snip into tiny pieces and pop one into each side of face to create the eyes.
  • Cut 8cm/3" lengths of string and knot one end. Now turn mousy over and squish the tail knot into bottom area. Then just smooth over so the knot is inside the sugar body.
  • Put your mousy masterpieces on to baking paper/grease proof paper and on to a tray in the fridge for 24 hours to set completely.
  • You have now created some Christmassy sugar mice.