How To Make All-Nut Butter

sugar free all nut butter

I have a confession to make ladies, I am an addict. An all out addict to the consuming drug that is peanut butter. It has been this way since I was a teenager. Actually it would have been this way from an earlier age had we had access to peanut butter in our house during my formative years.

I love the stuff, my favourite being that nice expensive organic crunchy stuff that sticks to your teeth and oozes an almost meaty strength of peanutty flavour – uuuuurgh yummmmmmmmmmm.

Okay, calm down.

You know how I have been bleating on these last 3 months about how I am trapped here in the house, confined to barracks, can’t get to fav shops, buy what I want etc, yeah you might have heard me mention it maybe once or twice. Well one of the things that I kept forgetting to put on my shopping list was my beloved peanut butter. Last week the hellish time came, that moment I had been dreading, the time all food addicts fear, the scrabbling, scratching moments of scraping out the jar of your very favourite Stuff and the knife coming out – bare!

Yes folks, I had run out of peanut butter.

Now peanut butter for me is not just a snakeroo, it is breakfast every morning. Peanut butter on a slice of wholemeal toast. I love it, it fills me up and keeps me going till, erm, oh hmmmmmm, well lunch time if I am not being a greedy git.

Anyway there I was sans peanut butter and after three days of  indecision on the jam/jelly/marmalade front and total dissatisfaction in the breaky department I realised something Must Be Done!

Make It Yourself!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis seemed like a really good plan but I was just a tad frugal in the peanut department. A raid on the larder and my baking basket and nut box (yes, yes I really do have a nut box and a baking basket, doesn’t everyone?) turned up a haul of pine nuts, a huge bag of mixed nuts, copious quantities of almonds (love them to bits) in every state from whole to blanched, ground to flaked, and a few stray pecans. I decided that while standard peanut butter might be off the menu there was nothing to lose by going for an all out All-Nut Butter.

I make pestos all the time so thought that doing a nut butter couldn’t be very different really, just a few changes of ingredients. So here it is, 3 simple ingredients and one step to sheer heaven on a plate.

How To Make Sugar Free Nut Butter;

1 bag of mixed nuts (unsalted) about 350g/11oz

1/2  teaspoon sea salt

Light olive oil or your choice of oil

Use a food processor and just toss in any nuts that you have around.

Add your salt.

Start pulsing the processor and start drizzling in the oil.

You want to just add enough oil to get the sort of paste consistency you personally like in peanut butter. I pulse my processor rather than go for an all out blitzing as I like the crunch and don’t want to get that slick smooth paste. I used a light olive oil as extra virgin has a very strong taste of its own and right now it is the nuts who are the stars of the show and the ones who should shine and shimmer with taste.

When you get the consistancy you like simply scoop it all out into a jar and enjoy any way you like. Scrape out the processor and lick your fingers!

This will keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

I think I can now safely say that I will not be buying peanut butter again. I am now an All-Nut gal!

Karon x


All Nut Butter on Punk Domestics

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  1. says

    Sounds delicious, I’ll have to give this a go, but I’m a smooth kinda girl.

    Yes I’m a peanut butter addict too, but unusually it’s one of only two edible things that my Lovely Hubby doesn’t like. I don’t know why because he loves nuts and he loves butter ….. men eh!!

  2. says

    What a great idea! I ran out of peanut butter two days ago – I love it on apple slices for a late-night snack…and after eating that way for a couple of weeks now a plain apple just doesn’t cut it!

  3. Patti S. says

    I love peanut butter, too! I eat it straight out of the jar! This looks easy and delicious.
    Patti xxoo

  4. Julie Wonkka says

    I LOVE peanut butter (couldn’t live without it kind of love!) And since I just got a brandy new Cuisinart food processor for Christmas I think I’ll have a go at making nut butter! I have scads of different nuts in the house (as I too have a nut bin!) This sounds fab and super easy. Thanks for the recipe Karon!


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