How To Make Lavender Infused Honey


Today is a BBC day and I’m going on to MacAuley & Co to talk about the wonders of honey because this fabulous little bee byproduct had been hitting the headlines lately.

While we have all heard about the wonders of Manuka honey and it’s health benefits, many people have never considered ‘normal’ honey and it’s beneficial properties. The thing is, honey is a bit like wine, you get good stuff and you get the not so good, you have to shop around.

Glasgow University’s School of Veterinary Medicine, has been doing some research into the use of honey on animal wounds and have discovered that Scottish heather honey rates highly in the healing stakes.

To quote Dr Patrick Pollock  “A heather honey surprisingly came out fantastically well. It was actually killing bacteria at concentrations of less than 2%, which astounded us.”

The new study suggests heather honey made by bees in areas near Inverness could be as useful as New Zealand’s famous Manuka honey.

This is all great news for honey and for Scotland too. I’ve always been a huge honey fan and will be talking about it’s uses for bath and beauty as well as for healing scalds and scrapes. You can read my Ten Top Tips For Honey in this post I did a few months ago.

Today I shall share a really easy way to make lavender infused honey which tastes wonderful and also adds the healing properties of lavender to the already health packed honey.


1 jar of runny honey

1 tablespoon dried lavender

Pour the honey into a small pan and add the lavender.

Heat gently but do not boil. Simmer for 20 minutes then remove from heat.

Pour into a jar and close the lid. Place in a cool dark cupboard for a week to let the lavender really infuse the honey.

Reheat the honey so it is as liquid as possible and strain out the lavender pieces.

Pour it into a sterilised jar and pop on a lid.

Use your lavender honey to sweeten tea and other drinks, in cooking and baking and also to help soothe scrapes and scalds and heal those pesky zits.

Karon x


Make your own lavender infused honey on Punk Domestics

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  1. Patti S. says

    This is very interesting. It is amazing as to all the good things honey can do. By the way, Karon, is there a site we could go to, to listen to your radio program? Thanks for all you do to educate us with about all the wonderful natural things.
    Patti xxoo


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