Lent – Let go Every Negative Thought


Lent = No – usually saying this to all the goodies that you really like or love in life, chocolate, wine, cheese, candy things like that.

I’ve never had much to do with Lent, I’m a believer but not a church goer. I’ve had plenty of friends who give up something every year at this time, often wondered if I should join in, but never really bothered. Well the other day there was a minister on BBC Radio 2 talking about Lent and how he was going the other way with it this year. Instead of giving something up he was going to add something good to his life over these special weeks. He was going to give to himself and improve his life in that way.

This got me thinking and I realized that there was one thing that if I could possibly give it up (even for just a short while) would make a huge and beneficial difference to my life, and guess what, I wouldn’t have to give up wine and chocolate either, this was actually even more powerful stuff.

My friends I am giving up my apaulingly bad and distructive habit of negativity for lent. I am going to make a really conscious effort to catch myself in all those nasty little negative moments and try to turn them round.

You know the sort of thing, if you are at all like me it is almost a constant stream of chatter in your head. Everything from seeing a celebrity with something you really envy and immediately thinking Bitch, why her and not me to that old classic of ‘I’m too bloody useless, fat, ugly etc to do…..’. Well for the next 6 weeks I am going to really make a determined effort to catch myself in those moments and change them round or challenge them in some way. ‘No I’m not useless/fat etc, I could give whatever it is a try’ and when I feel the green god of jealousy lurking on my shoulder be able to shrug him off and say ‘maybe that person has problems in other areas of their lives, nobody lives in perfection’.

So this is Lent for me.       Let go      Every      Negative      Thought.

Wish me luck!

Karon x

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I’m Karon Grieve and I live in an old cottage with no straight walls and a few wonky floors. The living room is deep red, the dining room is mustard – I just love colour. This quirky cottage is in rural Ayrshire in Scotland and is surrounded by fields of grass and cows. The cows sometimes break into the garden, the grass is no trouble at all.

6 thoughts on “Lent – Let go Every Negative Thought

  1. It seems to be a more common thing this year, I’m reading about ‘taking up’ rather than ‘giving up’ for Lent everywhere I turn. So I have decided to take up exercise for the 40 days of Lent. At least I may be in better shape for my birthday in April.

    Oh well one can hope :-)

    Sue xx

  2. Thanks for this, Karon! I, too, am giving up negative thoughts for lent. I went searching for other people doing the same, and to get ideas on just how to function when I am faced with negative things (I am dealing with some multiple issues of abuse in my family, so as I learn to be healthy and communicate, I must actually still deal with these things – so I am trying to determine in each instance how I can look at facts, see them as something I don’t want for me, but not be negative about them, even though they are negative events). Interesting! Another option is to just hide out for the next 37 days… avoid anything unpleasant, but then… I wouldn’t learn as much about seeing the good INSIDE the problem, the light within the cloud, the upper side of the ladder step (as opposed to the under side). You get the gist. This is my first day and already I have learned new ways to keep my thoughts positive! Can you share some of your tools or tricks you have learned along the way? :)

  3. H i Sally,
    It’s certainly not easy. I’m having to almost catch hold of those negs as they hit and right away say WHY. Saying this word makes me stop in my tracks. The Why doesn’t fit right with what your thinking, it is way out of place so it stops your mind in its tracks. I need to do this as I find when I get that one neg I go straight into spiral thoughts that go only one way – down. So by saying WHY right away I find I have to explain myself and it slows things down and gives me time to get a grip on things and move away from the baddie. Does this make sense? I hope so. Let me know what you think.
    Good luck,

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