How To Make Chive Vinegar

Chive Vinegar

What’s not to love about chives?

I love their zippy hot flavour, their spiky style and their edible flowers that look oh so pretty.


Chive vinegar is really easy to make and gives you a little taste of summer right through the winter months.


You want to use the stalks and the flower heads in this vinegar to get this gorgeous pinky colour. If you just use the stalks you will get the flavour but not the extra bonus of pinkness.

Chive vinegar 2

So simple to make.

Stuff a kilner jar (or any wide mouthed jar) with chives and chive flowers and fill up with white wine vinegar.

Seal and shake well. Set aside in a cool dark cupboard and remember to shake it every day for 2 weeks.

Now strain out the herbs and bottle as you wish.

Use on any green salad to liven it up and add some zip!

Karon x

Chive Vinegar on Punk Domestics

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