Sugar Free Gluten Free Banana And Coconut Cake

sugar free gluten free banana and coconut cake

Are you still struggling through January on that sugar free mission that so many have adopted this month? If so then this sugar free gluten free banana and coconut cake could be just the thing to liven up your day and give you that sweet treat you so crave but without the naughtiness of the dreaded sugar….

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Stuffed Aubergine

stuffed aubergine

Comfort food comes in many guises, from soup to bakes, crisps to curry, it’s whatever makes you feel all warm and cosy inside and ticks those boxes of feel-good food. This stuffed aubergine dish is comfort food to me. It is hearty and filling and packed with flavour….

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Kumquat Conserve

kumquat conserve

Deepest, darkest January and snow on the ground up here on Walton’s Mountain, what we need is some colour, and what could be more golden, gorgeous and colourful than this Kumquat Conserve!

The Very Best Scottish Recipes For Burns Night

the very best of Scottish recipes

With Burns Night fast approaching on Sunday I thought I’d trawl through the Larder Love archives and see what Scottish recipes I had lurking there. I was surprised at how many were in there and thought it would be a fun idea to share them all here in one post to save you having to…

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Cock-a-Leekie Soup

cock-a-leekie soup by larder love

This cock-a-leekie soup is a great recipe to share this week, not just because I have come over all Scottish for Burns’ Night at the weekend but also because it is a good healthy recipe that is perfect for all those who are getting to grips with a healthier lifestyle and cutting the calories this…

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Whisky And Ginger Marmalade

whisky and ginger marmalade

You are being treated to a feast of Scottish recipes this week because it is Burns’ Night this coming Sunday and I thought I would dive into the old patriotic stuff. Today I’m sharing my whisky and ginger marmalade recipe that I first used in my book Simply Scottish Cakes and Bakes. It is an…

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Sugar Free Gluten Free Brownies

sugar free gluten free brownies

Okay so we are all being super healthy and waving an admonishing finger whenever anyone mentions the dreaded S (sugar) word in front of us these days. The other biggie that everyone wants to avoid is gluten (found in wheat) as it can cause so many health issues.  We are counting calories, fretting about fat…

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Mushroom And Tomato Soup

mushroom and tomato soup

I’m fed up with the cold weather. We have had gales and blizzards and all manner of nasty weather this past week. There have been nights when I was afraid the whole roof would blow off and days when bringing in the logs from the woodshed was like running through a firing squad of tiny…

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