Chunky Vegetable Soup

It's getting cold up here on Walton's Mountain. I wake up to a grey view from the bedroom window, the fields shrouded in icy cold mist that takes till at least 9am to clear. I shuffle downstairs and make a warming cup of tea and sneak back to bed allowing myself the luxury of a couple of hours reading till 8am when chores beckon and my day proper begins. Foodie thoughts are never far from my mind, early morning is time for planning the day's meals, 'what's for dinner Mum?' I must have words Read more [...]

Warm Fruit Salad With Golden Yogurt Sauce

When you think about Fruit Salad a few things can immediately pop into mind - those horrible little tins of syrup laden fruit with one cherry half lurking amoungst rather a lot of peach and pear pieces, or the homemade variety with crisp pieces of apple, juicy berries, slices of citrus and all sorts of goodies. Either way it tends to fall into the summer category of desserts and doesn't really feature in the colder months of the year. This fruit salad is just a wee bit different, it is Read more [...]

Chicken Pilaf

chicken pilaf

This is such a busy week for me what with zapping back and forth into Glasgow each day to do my talks and demos at the Country Living Magazine Christmas fair. It is all go, go, go and I sometimes feel like I'm chasing my tail. I have to have meals well organised when I'm busy like this. If I … [Continue reading...]

Pickled Pumpkin

pickled pumpkin

With Halloween just a few days away pumpkins are all over the place. The blog world is groaning under the weight of pumpkin recipes from soup to pestos, sweets and puddings to breads and crisps. I couldn't have Larder Love miss out on all that Halloween fun so this year we are making pickled pumpkin … [Continue reading...]