Cumberland Jelly

Cumberland sauce is a real classic and is wonderful when served with gammon, goose or game. It always me think of Autumn and cooler weather, the gorgeous red colouring and spiciness of the sauce and the richness of those dishes. It got me thinking that the sauce is made by using redcurrant jelly so why not make a cumberland jelly by using the red wine that would be in the traditional sauce and insted putting it into your own redcurrant jelly. Never one to leave something alone when an idea Read more [...]

Pickled Blackberries

Berries are like colourful little fruit clocks that tell you exactly what time of year it is. Strawberries herald the summer, closely followed by their raspberry friends. The currants are hot on their heels and you find yourself in a sea of berries despirately trying to use and preserve as much as you can. Then the garden is bare and you have to look further afield for preservable produce. The hedgerows round here always provide a good bounty of goodness as the summer comes to a close and Autumn Read more [...]

Carrot Top Pesto

carrot top pesto

You know me, never let anything go to waste!  Well this summer I just had to use every last scrap of the few veggies that I have grown in the garden and the last of the carrots are now coming to an end so I thought I'd share with you my super easy recipe for Carrot Top Pesto. Yes this recipe uses … [Continue reading...]

Summer Salsa Relish

summer salsa

It's the 1st of September and the summer is fading fast. For once we can't complain about our summer weather here in Scotland, we actually got to enjoy a few weeks of really good sunshine. The school holidays are over and Idgy heads back to school looking so grown up now, where is the little girl … [Continue reading...]

Pickled Cucumbers

pickled cucumbers

Summer - gardens - picnics - tea parties - cucumber sandwiches. It all kind of follows on one into the other. But what about something with just a wee bit more bite, a bit more zing than the ubiquitous cucumber ever so thinly  sliced in a delicate cucumber sandwich. Let's butch up the cucumber … [Continue reading...]

Cherry Conserve

cherry conserve by larderlove

Isn't it wonderful when something you love to eat reaches it's peak and the prices drop dramatically in the shops, it is time to gather in the bounty and use it in any ways you can. Just now this is happening with cherries. Oh how I adore cherries, that rich ruby red juice running down your … [Continue reading...]