Strawberry And Basil Vinegar

strawberry and basil vinegar

It’s summer, it’s Scotland and of course it’s bloody raining (yet again). Quite frankly I (along with the rest of the population here) am sick and tired of it. Grey skies and winter woolies do not a summer make.

Fabulous summer goodies like strawberries and basil do though. So here is my strawberry and basil vinegar to cheer up all those in the rain, and add even more sunshine to those lucky enough to live elsewhere!…

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Recent Recipes

Skordalia – Greek Garlic Dipping Sauce

Skordalia Greek Garlic Dip by larder love

Greece for me is a land filled with fabulous food. From the omnipresent mousaka, tsatsika and stuffed vine leaves to somewhat lesser known dishes like stefado, pastitsio and this wonderful Skordalia which is a Greek garlic dipping sauce.

Tsatsiki And Greek Salad

tasatsiki and greek salad

I’m not here right now, I’m there! I’m there in Greece, one of my very favourite countries, lapping up the sunshine on the island of Crete. It is 14 years since I was last in Crete and I have missed it so much. Having spent over five years working there in my misspent youth Greece…

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Strawberry And Basil Ice-Cream

strawberry and basil icecream by larderlove

It’s the end of June and here in the UK that means Wimbledon and tennis (yeah Go Andy Go!!!) and of course strawberries and cream. Wimbledon and strawberries are just synonymous with each other rather like bat and ball, though in this case that should be racquet and ball. I adore those luscious British strawberries…

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Salad Nicoise With Smoked Mackerel

slad nicoise with smoked mackerel

Summer is here, we have sunshine and warm weather, it just has to be picnic time! I love a good picnic but often screw up on the packing front. Too many boxes and tubs, lots of plastic and a load of litter to carry home. I was thrilled to be given some of these gorgeous…

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Salt And Pepper Oatcakes

salt and pepper oatcakes

Gardening Scotland was rather good to me when I think of some of the rather lovely goodies I brought home with me. One of those was a marvelous sea salt, or Salann na Mara as it is in Gaelic, from the Isle of Skye Salt Company. What could I make to showcase this wonderfully flavoursome…

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Homemade Crowdie and The Big Cheese Making Kit

homemade crowdie

I love cheese, mature cheese, goat’s cheese, blue cheese and soft cheeses. One of the most famous cheeses from Scotland is a soft cheese called Crowdie. Keen readers will recall that I used this in my Cranachan Cheesecake recipe and in my book Simply Scottish Cakes & Bakes. Here I’m going to show you how…

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