Simnel Cake

There is something so special and meaningful about the gift of food, after all it is in fact the gift of life itself, where would we be without the food we eat. This Sunday so many of us will be handing over chocolate eggs as gifts for Easter, but why not give a special cake instead - Simnel Cake. The Simnel cake is an age old tradition for Mothers Day and dates right back to medieval times when on mid-lent Sunday parishioners went to the Mother Church of the parish (or cathedral in larger areas) Read more [...]

Sugar Free Mint Jelly

With Easter coming up at the weekend my thoughts turn to fresh zingy mint and lamb, two old favourites that dance together on the palate in perfect step. This sugar free mint jelly recipe is one I have used for years. It is easy to make and really lifts any sort of lamb dish to higher levels. I love it with traditional roast lamb, thinned out and drizzled over tiny new baby potatoes, stirred into plain yogurt as a dip, or as I've done here, just dolloped it on to a tasty lamb burger. I used Read more [...]

Rhubarb and Ginger Curd

Rhubarb and ginger curd, a marriage made in heaven, a mix and match of sweet, sour, smooth and creamy. Sheer heaven. What more could one ask for on toast in the morning, spread in the middle of a light and airy sponge cake, swirled into plain yogurt or used as a delightful dip for homemade shortbread doggy biscuits. I love fruit curds, to me they are a little more special than jams. They don't last as long so you want to make them in small batches and use within a few weeks. They take care Read more [...]

Grilled Courgettes In Oil

My Dad used to grow courgettes and tomatoes in grow-bags in the back porch where there was constant sunshine and he could see them from his favourite chair at the kitchen table. In the summer months my Mum would be forever trying to come up with new ways of using this bounty, and I have to admit to being a bit sick of courgettes sometimes when we were swamped by the damn things and Mum’s creativity would get ahead of her and she’d be putting them into everything from soup to pasta, rissoles Read more [...]