Cherry Conserve

Isn't it wonderful when something you love to eat reaches it's peak and the prices drop dramatically in the shops, it is time to gather in the bounty and use it in any ways you can. Just now this is happening with cherries. Oh how I adore cherries, that rich ruby red juice running down your chin as you bite into the firm flesh and release all that sweet and tart goodness. Such a treat to the senses must be savoured for future sampling. A few weeks ago I shared with you my Pickled Cherries Read more [...]

Nasturtium Hot Sauce

My garden is full of flowers just now.  Not the upright-in-the-borders-carefully-cultivated kind of flowers that look so park like, no, my flowers just grow where they like, spread all over the flag stones (in the case of the manic giant daisies that make hanging out the washing a feat of acrobatics to avoid squishing them) and overflow the somewhat neglected beds. I like flowers just to be themselves and do their own thing. My nasturtiums just blaze with colour and creep out of their Read more [...]

A Postcard From Tenby

Tenby harbour

Holidays and escapes from the day to day realities of life always bring out the best in us. Doesn't really matter where you go as long as you leave your comfort zone and head for different pastures and views to feed your eyes and soothe your soul. My friend Lis and her family moved down to Tenby … [Continue reading...]

Pickled Cherries

pickled cherries by larderlove 1

Cherries mean summer time for me. Way back in the dim and distant past that was my youth cherries were only ever available during their short growing season within the UK, they didn't just appear in the supermarkets all year round in the magical way they do nowadays. Oh no, back then cherries were … [Continue reading...]