Chicken Pilaf

This is such a busy week for me what with zapping back and forth into Glasgow each day to do my talks and demos at the Country Living Magazine Christmas fair. It is all go, go, go and I sometimes feel like I'm chasing my tail. I have to have meals well organised when I'm busy like this. If I don't there is the dreadful temptation to forgo all healthy living and hit the chip shop. No, I will not succumb! Pulling together quick and easy meals is the way to go, being well prepared and knowing Read more [...]

Scotch Wehay! Whisky Liqueur

It's here again, the Country Living Magazine Christmas Fair and I am working every day of the fair giving talks and demos and teaching a craft class too. In the food theatre I will be showing folks how to make my Scotch Weyhay! whisky liqueur, homemade Irish cream liqueur and my super quick Lemoncello too. In the lifestyle theatre it will be handmade gifts from the larder including a perfect pedi pamper, sleep sacks and foodie gifts and I'll also be teaching craft classes how to make my refab Read more [...]

Pickled Pumpkin

pickled pumpkin

With Halloween just a few days away pumpkins are all over the place. The blog world is groaning under the weight of pumpkin recipes from soup to pestos, sweets and puddings to breads and crisps. I couldn't have Larder Love miss out on all that Halloween fun so this year we are making pickled pumpkin … [Continue reading...]

Labneh In Herb Oil

labneh in herb oil

Labneh is the soft cheese of the Middle East. It can be served both as a sweet or savoury cheese, making it a very versatile addition to your larder (fridge). I have made the sweet version in my Sweet Cream Cheese recipe and in this post I'll share my favourite savoury Labneh in herb oil. So many … [Continue reading...]

Pear Liqueur

pear liqueur

Don't you love the fruits of Autumn - pears, apples, plums and rich fruits that speak of comfort, coziness and snuggling up by the fire on long winter nights. These fruits pack a punch of flavour in their raw form and also transfer this beautifully to alcohol when allowed to steep over … [Continue reading...]

Riata Dip

riata dip

Riata Dip is for me the perfect partnership with hot and spicy curries, or in fact anything remotely spicy. We need that cooling calmness to dance alongside the hip-hop heated jitterbug that is spice infused food. Very similar to the Greek Tzatziki Dip, Riata Dip is even simpler with a mere 6 … [Continue reading...]

Cumberland Jelly

cumberland jelly

Cumberland sauce is a real classic and is wonderful when served with gammon, goose or game. It always me think of Autumn and cooler weather, the gorgeous red colouring and spiciness of the sauce and the richness of those dishes. It got me thinking that the sauce is made by using redcurrant jelly so … [Continue reading...]