Summer Salsa Relish

It's the 1st of September and the summer is fading fast. For once we can't complain about our summer weather here in Scotland, we actually got to enjoy a few weeks of really good sunshine. The school holidays are over and Idgy heads back to school looking so grown up now, where is the little girl I used to stand at the gate with every morning waiting for the school bus? Now she looks tall and glamerous and swings a backpack on to her shoulder instead of an old satchel of yesteryear. I'm proud Read more [...]

Apricot and Almond Curd

I love apricots, their colour alone does it for me. Not quite orange, not quite pink, not even peach - just apricot, unique. Once I can tear myself away from admiring their colour and the lovely soft texture of the skin and bite into the sweet juicy flesh I am instantly transported to sunnier places. I am back in the Greek islands and eating these delicious fruits every morning for breakfast. They are summer sunshine to me. Although I love my arpicot jam and always have a jar in the larder Read more [...]

Pickled Cucumbers

pickled cucumbers

Summer - gardens - picnics - tea parties - cucumber sandwiches. It all kind of follows on one into the other. But what about something with just a wee bit more bite, a bit more zing than the ubiquitous cucumber ever so thinly  sliced in a delicate cucumber sandwich. Let's butch up the cucumber … [Continue reading...]

Cherry Conserve

cherry conserve by larderlove

Isn't it wonderful when something you love to eat reaches it's peak and the prices drop dramatically in the shops, it is time to gather in the bounty and use it in any ways you can. Just now this is happening with cherries. Oh how I adore cherries, that rich ruby red juice running down your … [Continue reading...]

Nasturtium Hot Sauce

nasturtium hot sauce

My garden is full of flowers just now.  Not the upright-in-the-borders-carefully-cultivated kind of flowers that look so park like, no, my flowers just grow where they like, spread all over the flag stones (in the case of the manic giant daisies that make hanging out the washing a feat of acrobatics … [Continue reading...]

A Postcard From Tenby

Tenby harbour

Holidays and escapes from the day to day realities of life always bring out the best in us. Doesn't really matter where you go as long as you leave your comfort zone and head for different pastures and views to feed your eyes and soothe your soul. My friend Lis and her family moved down to Tenby … [Continue reading...]